you need
  • Windows 7 or Vista.
If your computer is running Windows 7 or Vista, to enable the cursor keypad, press "hot keys» Alt + Shift + NumLock.You will hear a beep, and then moving the mouse pointer will be possible with the use of additional keys of the keyboard.
on the numeric keypad in addition to the numbers, there are arrows that indicate the direction of the cursor - be guided by him.Furthermore, the pointer diagonally engage the numeric keys 7 (the left and upward), 9 (right and up), 3 (the right and down), 1 (left and down).Instead of clicking the left mouse button, press a numb
er key 5.
In the setting of this function defaults exhibited a very low speed to move the cursor.To change it, and set other parameters, open the corresponding control panel applet.The easiest way to do it when you turn on keyboard control - when you press the key combination Alt + Shift + NumLock, a dialog box in which you need to confirm your selection.It also has a link with the text "Go to the Ease of Access Center to disable the shortcut key" - use it to get to the desired settings.Without the use of the mouse you can do so: Press the Shift key and hold it, push once Tab.Then press the space bar and the desired applet appears on the screen.
Open these settings can be, and from the main menu: press Win, type "UCA", using the down arrow to move to link "MouseKeys" in the search results list and press Enter.
Expand the window to full screen - click combination Alt + Space, using the down arrow to move to the item "Open" from the menu and press Enter.C using keyboard shortcuts Shift + Tab to move to the setting "Maximum speed" in the applet and move the pointer to the far right by pressing the right arrow.Then press the Tab key to move to the next setting - "Acceleration" - and do it the same.
press Tab again and pressing the space bar in the next field to put checkbox mark.This setting enables the acceleration or deceleration of the cursor by pressing the Ctrl and Shift.
same way by moving the points by pressing Tab (down) and Shift + Tab (up) the checkbox (the key with a space) in the checkbox 'Enable the mouse pointer with the keyboard. "Then tab to move to the OK button and click it by pressing Enter.Windows thinks for a moment and close the applet, and then moving the mouse pointer using the keys keypad will be fast enough.