find out whether the Explorer at the moment.For this we need to see a list of all running processes of the system.Press the key combination CTRL + ALT + Delete - so you open "Task ManagerĀ» Windows.
Click the "Processes" tab.Name explorer to be found in the column "Image Name" posted here table.Rows in it a lot, so it will be easier to look for when clicking on the title of this column to sort in alphabetical order the names of the processes.
If you do not find the process with such a name, skip this step of the procedure.If it is listed, it indicates that the program is running, but does not work properl
y and external requests from the other components of the operating system and application programs responsible - "hung".It is forced to close the Explorer by clicking the row, right-clicking and selecting from the drop context menu "End Process."
Click the "Applications", and then placed in the lower right corner of the "New Task".The dialog box "Create a new task."
Enter in the input field explorer, and then press Enter.So you run Explorer Windows, which should return to the place of all the items on your desktop, as well as to restore normal functioning of the main menu on the button "Start" in the taskbar.
If the steps in this procedure could not be re-run or Explorer after starting it again and hung on the desktop is still empty, the cause was not a random failure in his work.Apparently, the executable file is damaged or deleted explorer.exe - this usually happens as a result of actions of the virus in the operating system.The best way out of this situation - refer to specialists to help identify and neutralize the virus or eliminate the consequences of its activities.You can do it through the specialized web-resources.