Open Device Manager a variety of ways.Call the pop-up menu by right-clicking on the icon "My Computer".Select "Properties" and navigate to the "Hardware" tab.Click « Manager devices ».
If you are logged under an account from group "Users", a message appears stating that you are not allowed to change the settings of the equipment.Click "Continue" to open the Device Manager .
You can choose "Manage" in the drop-down menu.This will open a console window "Computer Management."Expand the snap « Manager devices », by double-clicking on the icon in the list on the left.
can go to the « Manager devices » through the "Control Panel."Expand the "System" and double-click the
System Properties window go to the "Hardware" tab.Click « Manager devices ».
In the "Control Panel", double-click on the icon "Administration", then open the "Computer Management".Open « Manager devices » in the management console.
It is possible to run this snap-in from the command line.Call the Run window combination Win + R, or by selecting "Run" in the "Start" menu.Type compmgmt.msc.Opens the Computer Management Console.By clicking the left button, expand « Manager devices ».
To run from the command line directly « Manager devices », enter devmgmt.msc.If you are running under the account "Users", the system displays a message about the impossibility to make changes to the hardware configuration.Click OK to start the « Manager devices » in playback mode.
You can use hotkeys to run this equipment.Press the shortcut Win + Pause / Break, to bring up the System Properties, and go to the tab "Hardware".Then click on the button « Manager devices ».