you need
  • - computer;
  • - online.
Boot the computer with the optical disk system, DOS.You can use any utility disk assembly having a system Dos.To start the computer from the disc, set the Boot in the BIOS.Generally, the Internet presents a plurality of versions of the system.Select the most suitable option.Enter the command SCANREG / RESTORE and press enter on your keyboard.In the list of one of the following copies of the registry - they are saved by the operating system automatically each successful logon (but usually not kept for more than five).
Select the latest copy of the registry by date and time of creation.Press en
ter and leave the program at the time of the operation - on modern computers it happens pretty quickly.Save a backup copy of the registry yourself, you can use the command SCANREG / BACKUP.
This procedure is performed each time before you install applications that make changes to the operating system files.If you are not sure what application downloaded from the Internet, security is better not to install, as it may cause damage not only to the operating system, as well as components of a personal computer.
Restart the computer.Recovery will happen before the time when this was made the backup.All installed programs and other registry changes after this point will be irretrievably lost.It is also worth noting that for the most optimal solution to this problem need to create backup copies of not only your computer's registry and the entire operating system, and store copies of the data on removable media.Use licensed software for the preservation of all information.