Press win or click "Start".If you did not change the default appearance of the main menu, then his title would be present avatar and username - click on the avatar, to open the "User Accounts".In the next window, click "Home" to go to the main window of the component OS.If you have turned on the "classic" of the main menu, in the same window can be reached by selecting the "Control Panel" and clicking on "User Accounts".
Select at the bottom of this window to your account, and in the next window, click on the link "Create a password".You will be offered a form in which it i
s necessary to double-enter your password , as well as a phrase that can serve as a hint in case you forget the password .By filling out the form, click "Create a password ».
There is another method of authentication, which is not tied to the operating system.When using password will be requested at the stage of turning on the computer to boot.To set a password you log into the panel change the settings BIOS (Basic Input / Output System - «Basic Input / Output System").To do this, reboot the operating system, and when the work is complete operating system, BIOS will start the procedure for verification of the computer, wait until the LED lights will flash on the keyboard and press Delete.Most often it is used to enter the settings BIOS, but other options are possible - for example, function keys f1, f2, f10, key esc, the combination ctrl + alt, ctrl + alt + esc, ctrl + alt + ins.
Select BIOS Setting Password and press Enter.Then type the password in the box that appears and then press Enter.BIOS will require to confirm the entered password - press Enter again.Then select Save and Exit Setup, to save the BIOS setup changes and to initiate a new computer starts.In other versions of the option to set a password can be placed in the Advanced BIOS Features and Security