you need
  • computer running the operating system Windows Vista
Click "Start" and select "Control Panel."The control panel in the upper right corner there is an inscription "View".Next to it there is an arrow.Click on this arrow to the left mouse button, and in the ensuing menu, select "Large Icons".
now on the control panel, locate the "Restore".In the resulting menu, click on the option "Launch System Restore."In the next window, select the restore options.Check "Recommended restore".Click "Next".In the next window, click "Finish".
process begins rollback system.During this process, the computer is locked.No other action would be to make it impossible.The screen will display the band, which will be showing the execution process.After the band reaches the end of the screen, the computer will reboot and start normally.
If your computer does not restart automatically, but it can also happen, restart it manually via a button on the system unit.When, after the rollback of the PC starts for the first time, a dialog box in which you will be notified of a successful system recovery.
When the computer starts normally, it does not mean that you can not roll back the system.You can start your PC in safe mode and restore the system.To do this, turn on the computer and continuously repeatedly press F8.A window appears where you can select options for loading the operating system.
Select "Safe Mode".Wait for the PC in this mode.The process of loading the PC in safe mode can be quite long.When the computer starts up, the desktop will not be pictures.Instead, the desktop wallpaper will be on top of the words "Safe Mode."Follow the same procedure as described above.