you need
  • - nLite.
solved this problem required the introduction of a set of drivers to the image of the installation disk.To begin, create the image.Use the program Daemon Tolls or Alcohol Soft.Download a set of drivers suitable for your notebook and the operating system Windows XP.
Copy the files stored in the disk image to a folder XPSATA.Now download a utility called nLite.For its successful work, you'll need to install the .NET Framework version 2.0.Install nLite and run it.
Select Russian language and click "Next".Specify the folder in which you unzipped image files.Click "Next".In the resulting window, select the following two points: "Drivers" and "boot image ISO».Click "Next".
In this window, click "Add" and select the
folder in which there are pre-download the driver.Click the OK button after selecting the desired folder.
In the new window, select the option "driver in text mode."Choose the appropriate driver and then click OK.The next screen will display a list of drivers added.Click "Next" to move to the final stage of creating a new image.
screen will appear with the following question: "Do you want to start the process?".Click "Yes."Wait until the program integrates the necessary drivers to the archive system.Click "Next" after the completion of the process.
To record a new installation disk Windows XP, select Direct Burn and click "Record".
If you want to create a new image of the installation disc, then select Create Image, and then click "Create ISO».Select a folder to store the image of the future.
After recording the disc, restart your computer and start the installation of the operating system Windows XP.