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  • of Windows.
Sometimes the programs the pointer disappears from the computer screen - it happens because of the peculiarities of application code or crash the operating system.Try to eliminate the defect switching time in the window of any other application.To do this without using a cursor, tap the Alt key and without releasing it, click on the tab.
appear on the screen with rows of icons of currently open applications - Repeatedly pressing the tab you can choose any of them.In doing so, release the Alt, and the window of the selected application will un
fold on the screen.
Return to the application, which has lost the coordinates of the cursor.The program code will reset the previous incorrect information on the status of the index, re-define it and a pointer appears in the application window.
If the cursor is present on the screen, and you want to return to its initial appearance, use the appropriate set of operating system settings.In Windows, access to the settings the appearance of the cursor can be accessed through the "Control Panel" - From the main menu of the item with the same name, and the panel will open in a separate window.
Find the section "Hardware and Sound" and click on its title to run the OS component that contains the desired settings.In recent versions of Windows and can be reached by other means - open the main menu, type "chicken" and click on "Changing the mouse pointer" in the search results.
tab "Indexes" window that opens has a drop-down list "Scheme".Choosing it one of the points you change the appearance of the cursor, but the swap and other design elements - fonts, sounds and colors.If this method does not suit you, find and select Use the following list of strings of the type cursor, type you want to change.
Click "Browse" button, find the correct image and click on "Open".Do this for all rows in a table containing a cursor that you want to change, and close the window with OK.