you need
  • - browser;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - personal computer.
Go to the site statistics.Select a territorial body on a virtual map in the bottom of the page resource.Click on the menu item "Stat statements ยป.Boot the computer program "statistical forms (enterprise)" and instructions to her on the proposed program ssylkam.Ustanovite "statistical forms (enterprise)" according to the attached instructions.Carefully read the installation instructions and complete all items.Try similar software installed on the local disk system personal system, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, it was possible to recover all of the data together with the samples.
Download xml-forms to fill out the statistics.To do this, go to
the site section "Form Templates" and select the desired shape.If you need all forms of statistical reporting, in the top of the page has a link to all of their archives.Place the downloaded templates directory placement program statistical reporting C: Program FilesNIPIstatinformFormy statotchetnostiData.Run the "statistical forms (enterprise)" and enter the data into the forms.
send the files to the server statistics.To do this, go to "Sending the finished file" in the "System of secure document."If you use the tools of digital signature (EDS), the procedure is now complete.
If you do not use encryption and digital signature, you will need to contact your local statistics and provide a paper version of the data sent to the printing company.Please contact a representative body of statistics for more information.In general we can say that to send samples to the Statistics not be easy.However, it should be noted that for more reliable operation of the need to create copies of data, and use anti-virus software to protect the information.