just installed on a computer running Windows usually works surprisingly fast.However, after some time it accumulates change significantly slow down its performance.If your computer has started to run slower, check disk fragmentation "Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Defragmenter."
Run defragmentation.Select a drive to test, press the "Analysis".If the test indicates that the drive needs defragmentation, click "Defragment".After defragmenting the computer starts to load and run faster.
There is another significant cause of delay download and PC.When you install new programs, many of them are trying to register themselves in the autorun without asking the user if he needs it or not.When you turn on your computer
, all of these programs begin loading that increases during system startup.
Edit List of auto you can download using Everest (Aida 64).It is very easy to use program that allows you to check many of the settings of the computer.Run the program, click the "Programs - Startup."Select and delete the unwanted program from the list of car boot .
To edit the list of car boot you can use the standard utility and operating system Windows.Open the "Start - Run" ("Search" in Windows 7), type msconfig.Click "OK".In the window that opens, select the tab "Startup" and remove the birds from the unwanted program.Again, click "OK".
the performance of your computer, including the speed of his download , influence and launched at the start of the computer service.Many of them are never used, some downright dangerous - for example, "Remote Registry".These services should be disabled: "Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services".Select the service that you need to stop, double-click it with the mouse.Press "Stop".Then start the service menu (Startup Type), choose "Disabled."The list of services that can be turned off, get on the Internet.