If the panel is not visible on the screen, it is possible that enabled hiding it.In such a state panel pops up only when summing up her pointer, call the main menu or the operating system, if necessary, to display any notification from the running application.The easiest way to bring it to the screen, or by pressing the Win key combination Ctrl + Esc.Immediately after that, click on the icon with the free space on the panel, right-click and select the context menu "Properties".Remove the check
mark "Auto-hide the task bar » - this is the third top setting on the tab opens by default « panel tasks ».You can also change the position of the panel - to put it vertically along the left or right edges of the desktop or over.For this is a drop-down list of "Position of panel tasks on the screen."Then click OK, and the panel will no longer hide from you.
When disabled, the installation of concealment panel problems it can also be practically invisible if its width is changed to the lowest possible value.In this case from the control panel can remain only a narrow strip in one pixel, which is impossible to discern any icons, buttons or hours.To return to normal size, move the pointer on the striped mouse.The fact that you know exactly his position the pointer to change - it will be two-way vertical arrow.At this point, press the left mouse button and drag the border of the panel towards the center of the screen to the desired distance from the edge.
To avoid this inconvenience in the future, ending with the elimination of improper display panel tasks , fix its position.This can be done via the context menu panel - click on the free space on the right mouse button and check the box opposite the item "Fasten panel tasks » the pop-up list of commands.