If you are running Windows XP, then get to the desired setting can, for example, via a standard file manager Windows - Explorer.Open it by clicking the shortcut on the desktop "My Computer" right-clicking and selecting "Explorer" in the popup context menu or just double-click this shortcut.If the icon "My Computer" is not on the desktop, you can use this operation, the designated "hot keys» «WIN» + «E».
Click "Properties folder », opened in the menu of the section "Service".So you run a separate window with the settings in which it is necessary to go to the tab "View".In the list under "Advanced Settin
gs" scroll "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" and uncheck the checkbox in placed in this line.In the same list, find the words "Show hidden files and folder » and set a mark in front of her.Press the «OK» button and made changes in the settings will be saved.
If you are using Windows 7, double-clicking the shortcut "My Computer", click on the link "Sort" and select "Folder Options" from the drop down menu.This will open the settings window OS Directory.It can be accessed through the "Control Panel."To do this, run it through the main menu on the button "Start" and then click on the link "Appearance and Personalization".On the next page it is necessary to find the section "Properties folder » and click on the link "Show hidden files and folder ».
Select the "View" in the window that opens, and then in the "Advanced Options", scroll to "Hidden files and folders ».Check the box opposite the item "Show hidden files , folders and drives."Then you can browse all the files .