you need
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Select a program to install a virtual machine.Firstly, you can use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to emulate the operating system Windows XP.This program works only with OS family of Windows, the program is free and can be downloaded from the official site.The leader in the development of a virtual machine software VMware Player 3.1.Thanks to the user to install a large number of available systems such as the family of Windows, and Unix.The youngest program to emulate the OS is Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0, the system supports Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Solaris.
Create a virtual machine using the program VirtualBox.Download the program from the manufacturer and install it on your computer.Then run the program, click on "Cre
ate".In the window that appears below, click "Next".
Enter a name for the virtual machine from the list, select an operating system and its version.Click on "Next".Then open the window with the settings of the virtual machine, install the necessary to emulate Windows XP, click "Finish."
Install in the next window, the amount of RAM allocated to the virtual machine, you can use the default value of 512 MB, but if your computer is more than 2 GB of RAM, you can use more.Click "Next".In the setting of the hard disk all the values, leave the default, then click on "Next", and at the end of "Finish."
download free image of the installation disk to emulate XP.Left-click to highlight the virtual machine, click "Start" in the next window "Next".Enter the path to the disk image, click on the "Open" button, then follow the instructions of the installer until installer starts running.Agree with the installation of the virtual hard disk and wait for the installation.
After rebooting, type your user name, click "Next", enter the password and hint, click "Next".Select the time zone, the location of the computer.Installing a virtual machine is completed.