The operating system components laid only one way to delete a user profile - along with the destruction of his account.To use it, you must have administrator rights, so when you start your computer you will need to login with username and password, whose account belongs to the group "Administrators".If you are currently using some other account, start with the exit and re-authorization.
Start Control Panel - open the main menu and the operating system menu and select "Control Panel."If your system uses a "class
ic" of the main menu, then look for the link should be in the "Settings".
find the link to the panel "User Accounts" and use it to open the element of the operating system, designed for manual creation and modification of users and their profiles.This window is divided into two areas - the top placed a list of common tasks that are often performed with the account, and the bottom icons are presented with links to existing users.
Click the icon of the user account which should be destroyed with the profile, and select from the list of tasks the link "Delete Account."You will see the question of whether to preserve included in the profile of this user elements of the desktop and the folder "My Documents".Select a positive response.
Another way to delete a profile without the destruction of the account involves manual "cleansing" of the files on the system drive.A set of directories that you need to clear, search the Documents and Settings folder on the system drive - they must be placed in a directory with the name, repeat the name of the user.For example, Nikolai user and the operating system is installed on drive C, you need to delete a folder that is located at C: Documents and SettingsNikolai.