To disable notification of activation of Windows XP operating system load it work in safe mode.To do this, turn on your computer, press F8, and from the list of options to select an item.Please note that if you have previously set a password for the Administrator account, you have to enter it again.
Log on to the computer's administrator.Open the Windows command prompt using the command "Run" in the "Start" menu.Enter in the window that appears regedit, and press Enter.You should see a large window Registry Editor operating system Windows.Be especially careful with regards to working with the registry, because many of the changes made to it, can be irreversible.
In the left part of the registry, which is a tree
of folders, open the directory HKEY LOCAL MACHENE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WindowsNT / Current Version / WPAEvents.It should contain the activation record of the operating system Windows XP, it is called OOBETimer.Replace the existing numbers and letters on the FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD, apply the changes.
Check if you still have the activation of the operating system.If this sequence does not fit, try to use the search keys on the internet and repeat the above steps with the use of the information found.
Remember that all of these actions are in violation of the rules of use of the software Windows operating system and entail criminal or administrative liability, as well as setting cracked versions, so it is best to purchase a licensed copysoftware.Also hacked version of the majority does not support the installation of operating system updates, or their installation takes place correctly, unlike licensed software.