But there is another side from the rapid progress of electronics: often inexperienced user modifications awkward adjustments resulting device is deactivated and the initial state of settings, of course, does not remember.There is a problem, how to restore the default settings.Fortunately, most devices make it easy to do so.

  1. For most devices return to factory settings, you can simply leave the device without power supply.Remove the battery, turn off the power - and immediately or after a short time, the device settings return to the original.

  2. somewhat more complicated is the case with modern mobile ph
    ones, which are CPU power, memory size and complexity of the tasks they have long been overtaken by computer models, which were issued a few years ago.Most phones have a recovery mode default settings.It is initiated by selecting the appropriate menu item by entering a specific sequence of symbols or holding certain keys when you turn on your phone.The specific method is determined by the model of the phone, so no manual for your machine can not do.

  3. Even more complex device - laptop - also allows a complete reset to factory settings.Typically, this is used for the CD-ROM supplied with the notebook, but some models have a special hard disk partition, or else use a combination of these methods.To restore factory settings, you must follow the instructions to the laptop.To access the menu, restore factory settings, press the hot key at startup.The key may be different for different models and manufacturers usually is F8, F9, F10 or F11, but there are other options.