Getting Started

To create a bootable USB drive, you must have:

original boot disk image format ISO.To avoid problems with the installation of the image must be exactly the original, it does not need to use a variety of assembly "craftsmen".

Flash Drive capacity of 4-8 GB, depending on the version of the operating system for which to create a bootable flash drive.The drive will be formatted, and therefore should not contain sensitive data.

One application to create a bootable USB drive.They can be used a variety of programs: Windows 7 USB DVD Do
wnload Tool, UltraISO, Rufus, a set of utilities and other WinSetupFromUSB.

computer running any version of windows.If your computer is running windows xp, then to create a bootable USB drive with windows 7, the system must be installed NET Frameworrk 2.0 and Microsoft image Mastering API V2.You can download a package from Microsoft.

work begins with a flash drive formatting.Special tools are not required for this.It is enough to open Windows Explorer, find the list of drives in your USB flash drive, in which the context menu-opens right click of the mouse - you need to select "Format".For the normal version of BIOS, it is recommended to choose "Format in NTFS».If instead of using the BIOS UEFI, you must use the FAT 32

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool

utility created by Microsoft and available for download from the official site.Working with the application:
It should specify the path to the distribution, choose from the options USB Device, specify the path to a flash drive and click the «Begin copyng».The program will transfer distribution on the flash drive, flash drive and boot will be created.


latest version can be downloaded from the official website of the program.Rufus requires no installation, is easy to use.

the application runs in its main window, in the first menu item "Device" you must specify the drive letter assigned to the flash drive.

Under "partitioning scheme and the type of system interface" or select the first item «MBR for computers with BIOS or UEFI» (PC with a conventional BIOS) or third «GPT computer interface UEFI».

recommended for BIOS file system NTFS.Cluster size is best left default.Next, select the image distribution system and click on the icon DVD-Roma.Then in the window that opens specify the path to it, and click the button "Open".After a few minutes bootable flash drive is ready.

Using UltraISO

application must run with administrator privileges.Download the program of the OS image using the menu "File" - "Open".In the "Bootstrapping" and select "Burn hard disk image."

In the next window, you must specify: Disk drive -fleshka, recording method «USB HDD +».Other parameters do not need to change.UltraISO works faster than many peers.The image of the distribution will be ready minutes through 20.

set of utilities WinSetupFromUS

is intended for experienced users.It allows you to create a multiboot flash drives for a variety of operating systems that can run both the environment DOS, and with the external drive.Built-in application makes it possible to divide BootIce flash drive into sections and create different types of loaders.