Windows 7 to restore the state of the software used by restore points, which can be created automatically or manually.To avoid losing important data, you need to periodically create data items to restore.
to create points, which you use when you restore the software, go to the "System Protection".To do this, click "Start" and right mouse button click on the "Computer".In the menu that appears, select "Properties" and then "System Protection".Then click "Create" and go in a new window, click "Start" again.
To reset and return to the previous state of your computer, go to "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System and Security" - "Backup and Restore" - "Restore system settings" - "RunningSystem Restore. "You can also call the "Start" menu and type in the sear
ch query "System Restore" and then press Enter.
In the window that appears, click "Next", and among the options to select a restore point.After the procedure, press "Finish" and restart the computer.The recovery process is completed.
You can also make a recovery, setting the startup disk to your Windows 7 computer's disc drive and boot from it as when installing the system.In the menu "Installing Windows» click on "System Restore" from the lower left corner of the window.Indicate the type of recovery that you want to make.
item "Startup Repair" will help get rid of the problems at startup."Restoring a system image" to restore the computer to reset and the data from the disk by default.In this window, click on the most appropriate point to you and follow the prompts on the screen.