you need
  • - PC with Windows;
  • - program Punto Switcher.
If you need to switch to a different language, but you are not going to use it for a long time, use the language bar, most often it is the right side of the taskbar.Clicking on it with the left mouse button, you can see a list of available languages, the default is English and Russian.
Such a method may seem convenient enough, but there is an alternative option for all Windows operating systems to change the language provided hot keys, using which you can switch the keyboard layout on the keyboard without the help of the language bar.In various versions by default it may be Alt + Shift or Ctrl + Shift, one of these combinations certainly work.Hotkeys can be configured independently
, for example, for this in Windows XP, go to Control Panel, choose the option "Regional and Language Options", then tab languages ​​- more - keyboard settings.Now, in the window that appears, you can configure new shortcuts.
Despite the convenience and simplicity of the previous two methods, when the change of language on the keyboard should occur every few minutes, and even more often, they may not be very suitable.If you are faced with such inconveniences, then you probably will like auto-switch function language with the help of special programs.The most popular of them is the Punto Switcher, this tool is able to switch the keyboard layout on the fly when a word has been written by half or even completely, warning about this characteristic sound signal, and absurd combinations of letters are automatically converted to your written word.Additional advantages Punto Switcher is that it has a Russian interface and is completely free.