Operating Systems Windows

When a computer boots, first of all, begins to load the operating system.It begins immediately after pressing the power button.First, it tests the computer and then starts.After the system has booted, it starts to control all the processes in the computer and all the programs that are installed in it.

Microsoft has released many versions of Windows.They were both successful and not.Let us consider three of the most popular systems that now stand on most personal computers.

Operating system WindowsXP

Despite the fact that this system has been established for a long time, it is still in demand.This is due to its simple, user-friendly interface, low requirements of computer resources, and finally, consumers over the years used to it.Since the introduction of the package

was released three updates, and a great number of pirate assemblies.Over the years, until the market was dominated by XP, it was released a lot of software and games that are best adapted to this system.

WindowsXP By cons include the lack of a large number of settings, which now have on other systems.But the most important thing in the spring of 2014 Microsoft no longer support this platform and WindowsXP will gradually disappear from the hard drives of personal computers.Although enthusiasts of the system likely will continue to produce their own versions.

Windows 7

Windows 7 first after the most successful version of XP.She came out after Windows Vista, which has undergone severe obstruction from both ordinary users and professionals.In this system, we fixed some roughness WindowsXP, and a host of enjoyable and convenient features.Convenient control, intuitive and friendly interface, ease of installation and the required number of drivers that can be directly downloaded from the Internet.No wonder that today more than half of the computers with Windows, it is seven.

disadvantages of this system are the same as that remains of Windows from version to version.This is primarily vulnerable to viruses and hackers, as well as the standard hovering and "garbage" that collects system after working on the Internet.Seven System Requirements sufficiently acceptable, but requires more disk space than XP.

Operating system Windows 8

This is the very latest version of Windows.At first it was perceived with hostility and, above all because of the unusual interface that is significantly different from all previous versions.Exterior was created for sensory equipment, and gone so familiar to all "Start" button.There were persistent talk of glitches of the program, its disadvantages and improvement.

But gradually the critical conversations about eight became less and less.People become accustomed to the new appearance and to evaluate some of the innovations.However, the popularity of it has yet not been able to surpass Windows 7. At the same time operating system Windows 8 is great and is used on tablets and devices that use touch screens.

Microsoft is not standing still and continues to develop new systems.Not far off the appearance of Windows 9. We can only accept and evaluate a new program, only time will tell what happened from its creators.