Tip 1: How to rename a hard disk partition

Section hard disk computer has two designations, one of which is the documentation for the operating system called "tag", and another - "letter."The first of these is usually the word, which is intended to be easier to distinguish the user virtual disks (partitions).The second is used by system and applications.The default letter is assigned automatically by the system, and the volume label is blank until the user enters it himself.Both refer to the section can be edited by the user of the computer.
If the change requires a volume label, in Windows it's best to use Explorer - run the file manager with the icon "Computer" on the desktop or the item with the same name in the mainthe menu system.
Highlight the desired drive and press the F2 - Explorer in edit mode tags.This mode can also be activated using the item "Rename" from the context menu, called by click on the drive icon, right-click.In the menu there and select "Properties" - if you select it, Explorer opens an additio
nal window with information about this section of the hard drive.The first well in the open field, the default tab of this window will contain a volume label, which can also be edited.
changing the designation of the text section, press Enter.The new label will be fixed and the edit mode is turned off.
If necessary, do not change the volume label, and his letter to make it through Explorer does not succeed.We'll have to use a different component of the operating system, which is to call the context menu icon "Computer" put option "Manage" - click the shortcut and select the desired item.
In the left column of the window that opens, scroll to "Disk Management" - it is placed in the section "Memories".After clicking on that line in the middle column will be shown a list of all virtual and physical disks in a graphical and text versions.Find the desired profile in the table or graphic chart and click the right mouse button - an item in the context menu called "Change Drive Letter and Paths."
Click "Change" in the open window, and the next window, select an unoccupied letter 'from the dropdown list.Then click OK in both windows and close the component management system.In this procedure change the drive letter to be completed.

Tip 2: How to rename the hard drives

In most cases, users prefer to give some personality visible in the hard disks, labeling them.In other cases it may be necessary to change the drive letter.
To rename a hard disk drive
Change hard disk name under which it is displayed in Windows, then very easy - just open the "My Computer", click the right button on the desired disk selectedselect "Rename" and enter a new name for the disc.
If you want to change the drive letter, you will need through the "Control Panel" go to "Administration" and then selecting "Computer Management", and then - "Disk Management".In the next window, select any of the submitted physical disks in the system, you can reassign his letter.


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