Users Windows XP, to disable sleep mode completely, have to change the settings of energy conservation and supply.Click "Start" then "Control Panel."Find the icon "Power", if you have a lot of small icons in the Control Panel and double-click the left mouse button.If small icons, select the category "Performance and Maintenance".Open a page on which the bottom of the window you will see the icon "Power".Activate it.Open the settings window with multiple tabs, the title will read "Power Options."
first tab, where you find yourself, is "Power Schemes."Under the same title there is a drop-down list from which you can choose different strategies to incorporate energy-saving modes.Please select the item "Presentati
on" in the bottom half of the window you will see the front of the line "Turn off monitor", "Turn off hard disks" and "Standby" will appear inscription "never."The same can be done manually by selecting from drop-down lists option "Never" in all three lines.
Click "Apply" in the lower right corner of the window.This will save your selection.
Left-click on the tab "Hibernate".On this tab, locate the message "Enable hibernation" and uncheck the box if she's checked.If not checked - excellent, nothing changes.Click "Apply" and then "OK" for the final save.
Restart your computer.Done, hibernate your computer completely off.
For those who are using Windows 7 or Vista, disable sleep mode is a little different, but the general principle is the same.Click "Start" button, select "Control Panel."If you are in Category view, that is a little bit of possible points - Select "Hardware and Sound".Submenu in which click on the title "Power."If you have a control panel, a number of small icons - just click on the icon "Power".The result will be the same.
At the top of the window, find the inscription "Selecting power plan."Slightly below the item should be marked "Balanced", activate the right of the words "Change plan settings" page opens settings.This page from the drop-down list, select "Never" in front row "Turn off the display" and "Put the computer to sleep."Then click "Save changes".Close all windows and restart the computer.