password on your computer

In most cases, the password set or on your computer, when access to it can be anyone, or when the computer is used by all family members, and each has its own account, the information on which they are trying to protect.

Of course, if the password is set, every time you start or reboot will appear are prompted to enter the password.If you enter a password each time you are tired or there is simply no need for it, then you can turn it off.

Remove password on Windows 8

Open tool window "Run".This can be done, for example, using keyboard shortcuts Win + R, or in the "Start" menu.Once open the corresponding window in the command line, you must enter netplwz and confirm the action.This will open a window that displays all user accounts.

In the accounts it should be noted that, with the
changes that will be made, and then remove the check mark from the "must enter a user name and password."If you are logged under an administrator account, you just need to confirm this action if a regular user account, then you will need to enter a password.

After confirming the password will be cleared, and the operating system will boot up automatically without requiring a password.After rebooting all the changes take effect.

necessary to say that after a normal restart Windows 8 to enter the password will not have to if the computer has not been disconnected from the power supply.

In addition, in Windows 8, a system administrator can choose among the users who will access with a password, and what - without them.For example, you can set the value of the entrance to the account only account Microsoft («Account Microsoft»).That is, for this you will need to have the appropriate user account, specify the e-mail, login and password.There is a standard version, which implies a regular username and password ("Local Account").

worth noting that it is best to install the standard version - a bunch of login and password.First, not everyone needs the possibility of store Microsoft (which can use only users with the appropriate account), and secondly, the entrance to the operating system will be much faster, and in this case does not require an internet connection.