To access files Linux, use the program Ext2fsd.It allows you to see Forums , formatted Ext2 file system, and Ext3.You can download the program here:
During installation, select the appropriate option.In particular, when a window asking you to select additional tasks - «Select Additional Tasks» - check all items.The program will run automatically when you start running, you can not only read the files of Linux, but and burn them.However, the developers of the program do not guarantee the correct entry, so it is best to use this utility only to read files Linux.
After starting the program you will see a window with a list of sections found in the system.The Linux pa
rtitions easily identify the type of file system - Ext2 or Ext3.To view the desired section, it is necessary to mount.To do this, double-click it with the mouse, a window will appear.If you only want to read files, check the box next to the item «Mouunt volume in readonly mode».
If you put a check next to the item «Automatically mount via Ext2Mrg», this section will always be installed automatically when you start the program.Paragraph «Mountpoint for fixed disk, need reboot» is used to bind to a specific drive letter, it is not worth celebrating.If, after mounting the disk access to it does not appear, restart the system.The program operates in both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.English interface only.
View files and Linux can be via the well-known program Total Commander, but it will have to install the plugin ext2fs.wfx.Download it here for you:
download the plugin, unzip the file.Open Total Commander, then "Configuration - SETUP: plugins".In the Settings window, select "Plug-ins File System (.WFX)» and click "Settings."In the new window, click "Add" and navigate to the unzipped files ext2fs.wfx.