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To avoid the difficulties associated with the creation of the selection menu bootable operating system, I recommend installing first running Windows XP, and afterthis - Windows Vista or Seven.First prepare your hard drive to install multiple operating systems.Recommend create at least three partitions on the disk.Two of these are intended for installation of operating systems and associated programs, and the third - for storage.

Now start the installation of the operating system Windows XP.Insert the installation CD into the drive of the OS, turn on the computer and press F8.In the window that appears, point to DVD-Rom.Now run the new OS.When the system comes to selecting a local drive, be sure to specify the drive D :.The fact that al
l Windows XP boot files anyway stored on disk C :.That is why you should not choose the partition to install the OS.
Upon completion of all phases of the installation Windows XP, insert the DVD-ROM drive Windows Seven drive and restart the computer.Again, press F8 and select the DVD-Rom.The operating system is set to Local Disk C :.In no case do not perform formatting of this section before installing the new OS.This process will lead to the loss of boot files of Windows XP.Remember that to install Windows Seven and a minimum set of programs you need 20 GB of space on the system partition.

Restart the computer after the installation is complete Windows Seven.In the pop-up menu will display two options: "The previous version of Windows» and Windows 7. As you know, when you select the first item will be run in Windows XP.Remember that formatting the C: drive will result in the loss of both operating systems.Do not forget to install the appropriate drivers for your device.