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  • of Windows.
first way to retrieve an object from the invisible area is to entrust all the manual operations to its positioning of the operating system itself.To do this, open the windows except the problem has at least one belonging to any application - for example, start the "Explorer".Then right-click on the free space on the taskbar to bring up the context menu.Let the OS command to streamline the open windows in one of these ways in the menu - "cascade windows", "Show windows stacked" or "Show windows side by side."After that, the behavior of the lost window will return to normal.
Another way is to use keyboard control the positioning of the window.W
hen enabled, eliminating the need to reach the mouse pointer to the title bar, to be able to move it.To activate this mode, press a combination of "hot keys» Alt + «Space" + "P".Then use the arrow keys to move the hidden window on the visible area of ​​the desktop.To turn off the keyboard positioning, click anywhere on the left mouse button.
The third way - the expansion of the available desktop space.This can be an increase in screen resolution.If you are using the latest version of Windows 7 or Vista, click the background image on your desktop, right-click and select the pop-up context menu, which is so named - "Screen Resolution."OS will launch one of the applets, "Control Panel", where you need to open a drop-down list of "Resolution" and move the slider up, the better - to the highest point.Then click "Apply".The applet will change the resolution and start the timer count at the end of which the change will be canceled.During the allotted time you have to press the button confirm.In doing so, get the missing window, move it to the center of the desktop screen resolution and return to its previous value.