Tip 1: What are the archiver

Not long ago, the word "gigabyte" lovers computers pronounced with respect.It seemed that such a volume of information will never be available to the ordinary user.DVD-drives soon demolished this misconception.Today, the elegant external hard drive to 500 GB is no surprise, but in the homes of some members can be found terabyte hard drive.However, the need for effective archiving programs are still there, as the volume of information flow is growing faster than the ability to save data.

Why do we need an archiver program and how they can help to cope with the large amount of data?As its name clearly implies that the programs create data files about the same as a person puts in a pile a few books, and then bandaging their rope, so you can pack up the books, say, in a box.Archivators the converted data specified by the user for more compact storage or transport of any available media.

Originally archiver have been claimed in the main only to send data on the then still not fast and narrow channels
of Internet.When modem connection at boot time a relatively large array of data takes a lot of time.For example, sending an average size of pictures or photos to the mail server takes two to five minutes.However, at the same time you can download the file, which would have a few pictures.The benefits of using archives program was evident.

Currently archivers also in demand.Change settings of compression algorithms for packing the data become much more sophisticated and effective.There was a special software oriented to work with certain types of files that previously could not be archived.

It should be noted that at the moment there are a large number of universal programs to archive files with trial versions or completely free.This is primarily WinRar, WinZip, Winace, 7-zip, Power Archiever.For a fully functional working versions of most of these programs you need to purchase a license key.

By way compression software archives are divided into types.The "file compressor" can effectively compress the executable file with a resolution of exe, creating a self-extracting archive.Another type of software - a universal data logger - able to pack a large amount of information in one file, working with all file permissions without exception.Currently, this division is somewhat arbitrary, since the current programs are designed for universal use and therefore can meet the requirements of any type of backup.

interesting that despite the great progress of the software intended for archiving, work with pre-compressed files are still inefficient and in need of significant improvement.For example, the remarkable results achieved with the package to the archive files with extensions txt, doc, exe, bmp.However, backup data compression formats mp3, avi, jpg so far carried out only due to overhead and is only about 3% of the original amount of information.

Tip 2: What is the backup

Archiving is the process of preparation of the files that are compressed, but ordered a computer containing information - data, documents, codes of control programs, etc.This operation is carried out by specialized or archiver, or by means of the operating system.In addition, many applications have their own built-in backup support files and databases.
What is archiving

computer's operating system is configured by default to periodically creating backup copies of important files, to have insurance in case of own fault or the symptoms of a serious defect in the computer "iron" - eg, one of the hard disks.Such backups can be set as you are comfortable - for this in recent versions of Windows is a component called "Backup and Restore Center."With it, you can set the frequency of backup, select the files, copies of which are really worth preserving, specify how long to keep the oldest files and set other options.The actual procedure usually takes from a few minutes to an hour, but occurs in the "background" mode, that is, on the whole time the computer can continue to operate with other applications.

Archive, which is carried out with the help of special programs (for example, WinZIP, WinRAR, 7-ZIP) is increasingly used for other purposes.If the result of the above steps, the operating system is to create backup files in case of disaster recovery, these archivers are designed to prepare for the transfer of files over a computer network or transported on removable media.For example, when sending a file attachment by email, they are first loaded on the sender's mail server, then transmitted to the recipient's server and then downloaded to the recipient's computer.Each of these steps takes place more rapidly, the smaller the size of transmitted files, or the amount of time the two of them (first and last) also paid from the pocket of the recipient and the sender.Therefore, the recipient and the sender and the postal service are interested in reducing the amount of transmitted files, which are intended archiver program.

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