Left-click once on the image date and time in the lower right of the screen in the taskbar.This opens a window containing a calendar, analog and digital clock.
In the window that appears click on the line "Change date and time settings ..." the left mouse button once.A dialog window "Date and Time", containing the settings of the current time, date, extra hours and time synchronization with the Internet sites.
open the "Date and Time" by clicking the right mouse button on the image date and time in the lower right of the screen in the taskbar and select 'Set the date and time "in the list that appears.
also launch a window with date and time settings by opening the "Start" menu and clicking once with the left mouse button on the line of the "Control Panel".In the settings win
dow, various system parameters, locate and click the line "Date and time."
There is another way to run Windows "Date and Time".For its implementation, open the "Start" menu and in the search string "Search programs and files" enter request "time" and "date."In the list that appears, left-click once on the line "Date and time."
In the window that opens, activate the tab "Date and time."It displays the active time zone, the parameters of daylight saving time and back, system date and time, as well as links to the Help files on the most frequently asked questions about time zones.
Click "Change date and time ...."A dialog window "Date and Time Settings."In this window, select the required date, month, year and set the exact time.Press «Ok».
If the operating system without having to change the time of saving, or vice versa, you need to disable daylight through the window of the date and time.To do this, remove the tick next to the line "Automatic daylight saving time and back."