OFF, Manager windows in Windows 7 does not work some of the effects - for example, you can not turn on the transparency of windows .To enable Manager open: "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Administrative Tools" - "Services".Find the list of services, "Session Manager Manager windows desktop", open it.In the window that opens, set the startup type drop-down menu "Auto" - this will allow the service to start automatically when the computer starts.In order not to restart the computer, start the service by pressing "Start", located in the same window.
If the previous version did not work, and the required effects are not there, you should try to include Windows Aero force.To do this, open the "Notepa
d" and then enter the code below.Enter it in full, line for line, nothing is missing! Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsDWM] "Composition" = dword: 00000001 "CompositionPolicy" = dword: 00000002 "ColorizationOpaqueBlend" = dword: 00000001
Save the file under any name - for example, test.Then rename it with the extension * .txt to * .reg.Run the file created test.reg, while in the registry will be made the necessary changes.It is easier than modifying the registry manually.
Open a command prompt as an administrator: "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories".Find the item "Command Prompt", click the right mouse button and select "Run as administrator".In the Command Prompt window (console), type net stop uxsms and press Enter.Then type net start uxsms and then execute the command with Enter.
Remember that if you are working with Windows 7 "Home" and "Home base", some desktop effects are available to you.Look at the developer's site information about your version of the OS - it will help you understand whether the lack of coherent of certain features of the operating system and its version, or the reason still lies in the wrong configuration.