In Windows XP, right-click on the drive icon in the menu that opens, click the lowest point - the "Properties".Select the tab "Shortcut" and click the "Change Icon."A new window appears in which you will be asked to change the icon.
Then you can behave differently.First, choose some icon from the already proposed.Second, download a new icon from the network, and then select it by pressing "Browse".Third, write% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ SHELL32.dll in the search bar, which is located to the left of the button "Browse".This is the way to a significant list of existing icons in the system.You have plenty to choose from.Keep in mind that most of these icons is stored in files of the type (electronic dll-libraries), so it makes sense to look
for more.When finished, click OK, and in the next window "Apply" and then OK.
Windows 7 pre-select the icon, which you will replace the standard image (always with a resolution .ico).Open the "Notepad".This can be done in two ways.The first - click on "Start" in the taskbar, then "All Programs» & gt;«Standard» & gt;"Notepad."Second - again, click "Start" in the dialog box, type "notepad" or «notepad».Accordingly, the results of search results will be the program "Notepad".
To open the program, click its icon to the left mouse button.Enter the following text: [autorun], and the next line - ICON = ikonki.ico name.Accordingly, instead of the text "The name of the icon" enter the name of the earlier file.Click the menu item "File» & gt;"Save As" in the "File Name" enter the autorun.inf and click "Save".Copy icon and autorun.inf in the root of the disk whose image you want to change.Restart your computer and enjoy the new picture.