you need
  • computer
  • internet connection
  • at least one registered account
To change the account password recording user on the computer, open the Start menu- Panel-Management - Accounting records to Users and Family Safety - Accounts recording users.You open your account recording .Select the line "Change your password".Next you will be asked a number of fields: one to enter the current password and two input and repeat the new.As a hint, you can enter a password hint in the special field, but remember that it
will be visible to others.Then click "Change Password".The next time you are going to enter a new password.
Surely you have an account in contact.Change the password for your network is configured (or are in the menu on the left of page).Select My Settings in the list of settings by changing the password.Again, there will be three fields: one for the record current password and two for new and repeat.When filling out the fields on the right pops up hint: minimum password length of 6 characters, it is better to use letters and numbers;Make sure that when you create a new password, the Caps Lock key is off.Otherwise, the next time you enter the password off the CBSA, it would be incorrect (it will be a different password).Then click Change Password.
Changing the password in touch
and classmates you log into your account and using the password.To change it here, find the menu under your photo, click Change settings.In the list that appears, select Settings Password .On top of the page appears a window with fields for entering passwords: one field for the current and two for the new as in the previous cases. Password invent more difficult, longer.When you're satisfied, click Save.
How to change your account password
When registering on the forums, we also filled out a questionnaire with their personal data and protect your passwords page.The shape change of the password is present in the forums on the menu profile.You enter the Edit Profile and the familiar pattern write the old password, then a new one, then repeats it.At the bottom of the page, after all data has the Save Changes button.
your e-mail account on the Internet communication portals (Mail, Yandex, Google) also has a password.To change your email password should use settings (they are in the post, under the Exit button), then - Password , traditional three fields to fill.But there is another less - to enter the digits that appear distorted (this is done then the system to identify you as a person who drives a manual text, and not a bot, which is recorded automatically).A similar procedure is used, and change the password to other communication portals.