To change the size of the icons, right-click an empty area of ​​"desktop".From the context menu choose the option "Properties".In the Properties window, click the "Design" and click on "Effects."Check the box of the property "Use large icons" and confirm by pressing OK.On the "Effects", click "Apply".After a while, the icons will increase significantly.
To select the icon size to your liking, tab "Appearance" click "Advanced".The list of "elements" select "icon" in the box on the right, set the appropriate size (default is 32).
In Windows Vista and Windows 7 to happy computer owners do not get bored, the developers have come up with new ways to change the size icons.Right-click on the empty spot on "Desktop".In the context menu choose the option "View
" and size icons "Large Icons", "Ordinary icons" and "Classic Icons."
Hold the keyboard Alt + Ctrl, left-click on « Working at the table" and turn the mouse wheel - size labels will change.
Finally, the cardinal way to increase the icons on « Working table »: a context menu, right-clicking on « Working at the table", choose the option "Properties" and"Settings" tab.Reduce to a minimum screen resolution of 800x600 px.Confirm your decision by pressing OK.And icons, and the font will become much larger.
Click the video icon in the system tray (bottom right corner), enter the configuration of the display and reduce the screen resolution as long as you reach a balance between the size of icons and image quality.