local server can be done with software solutions Apache, available on all modern platforms.It is worth noting that Apache is also used in the organization of any type of web server to run Internet applications, for which, however, may require additional packages.For example, most online programs work with the PHP and database MySQL, and therefore are often connected to the Apache plug-ins to work with these extensions.
For the implementation of the majority of problems with a server ready to use solutions that work in tandem - Apache, PHP, MySQL.Among the most popular software packages worth noting Denwer and XAMPP.Visit the official site of one of the selected sets and download the latest version of the install
ation file from the list of downloads.
Run the resulting installer, double click on the received document.Following the instructions of the installer to complete the installation of the package.In the process, the installation program will prompt you to specify the desired settings for the server.For example, the directory placement of all necessary files and programs that will be installed later.After selecting the desired settings, wait for unpacking the local server.
After the installation is complete, run the local server using the shortcut that is created on the desktop.For XAMPP you can perform the necessary launch services through XAMPP Control Panel, which will be available in the system tray Windows after start Apache.Starting and stopping Denwer through shortcuts and Start.bat Stop.bat respectively.
After installing the package, run your browser and in the address bar, type the query localhost.If all settings have been made correctly, open a message from Apache (It Works!) Or the page of the selected package Denwer local server or XAMPP.