free converter to install on your computer, you will need the installation file, which can be found on Internet resources related to video processing, or on the websites of developers.Can use to search for a suitable converter materials collected in the project dedicated to open source site
In one tab browser, open the main page of the site and select from the list in the left part of the category Audio & amp;Video.In the window, use the option, select Video and Conversion on the page that will follow.
As a rule, free converters contain in its name a reference to the formats they work with.Depending on what files you download and what should happen in the end, pick up the program.To see a description of the conve
rter and a screenshot from his window, point the cursor to the button in the form of a triangle, which is present to the right of each title.You can simply go to the link text, which is the name of the program.
At the bottom of the description and recommendations for the installation is a reference to the site of the developer program.You can go on it to download the installation file or download it by clicking on the Download button in the window with information about the program.
The downloaded file can be an archive with zip extension or an executable file with the extension exe.However, unzip the file, you will also find there a file exe.To start the installation process, click on its icon twice.
If instead of the Setup Wizard, you see the interface converter, then the program does not require installation, which means that you can download it and configure video conversion.For convenience, create a shortcut to this program, the option "Create Shortcut" from the context menu and drag it to the desktop of your computer.
If the converter is installed in the usual manner, select the installation language and interface from the drop-down dialog box.In a number of converters, such as software developer DVDVideoSoft provided Russian interface.
Select a location in which to install the converter.By default the install to drive C. tick the checkbox, specify additional actions to be performed during installation.As a rule, it is proposed to create a program icon on the desktop and add a converter to the Quick Launch toolbar.Clicking on the "Next" button, start the installation process.The appearance of the Finish button or the "Done" means that the program is installed.Click on the button to complete the process.