Get updated product line for Microsoft Office.This can be a brand new version of the application, for example, Microsoft Office 10 or Microsoft Office 2014, etc., as well as sets of updates for existing versions - Service Pack 1.2.Learn about the current updates on the site Microsoft, and then purchase the licensed version of the software online (or download for free, if given the chance) or in computer stores.
Run the installer and follow the update instructions on the screen.If you are prompted to install the product again by removing the current, or to update the conservation of personal data, select the second option.Please note that the installed version of the product must also be licensed, otherwise updating programs may be denied.
Enter the license key of the
program on the screen.You can find the code on the package you purchased the disc or in the accompanying documents to the installation file that you downloaded on the Internet.As soon as you enter the key, the installation wizard will offer to activate the program in two ways - via the Internet or by phone.
Choose the method of activation via the Internet if you have a connection with the network.The program will automatically send the request to the server licensing by Microsoft, and if you have previously indicated the correct key will be notified of the successful completion of the activation.To register by phone, select the appropriate option in the list, then select the area of ​​your stay and call the number shown on the screen, completing the activation procedure.
You can activate Office later by selecting "Delayed activation".Every time you start the program will remind about it.To complete the tab "File" go to "Help" and select "Activate a product key."