First, be aware that the update is available only if your computer is running a licensed version of the operating system.Otherwise, only you can decide whether you want to search for updates and how they can help in your system.If you have got a good software, you will need to remember the cases in which the automatic update is necessary.

Among them are the following:
- your computer is a server;
- the computer is running Service Pack version 2 or less;
- stopped working for some eq
- you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or later.

In case your PC has a weak processor, but all the equipment is working properly and you are restricted to limited traffic, update the operating system is not recommended because it may not work the way it was before the upgrade.

In addition, frequent corrections can add in new bugs, and some of them can be simply not compatible with the specifications of your computer.To turn off Automatic Updates, go to the properties of "My Computer" and locate the tab called "Automatic Updates".Select "Disable" and click "Apply".

But even after this service is still working, so now you need to go to "Control Panel" of your computer to disconnect the system updates.For this purpose, "Control Panel", select "Manufacturer and service", where find the section "Administration".Here there is an item "Services", which is open, you need to find the "Automatic Update".Click on the service, right click and select "Disable", so that the service has stopped working.If you will be made to reinstall Windows, this process will need to be repeated again.