you need
  • - 2 computer;
  • - only memory;
  • - program Total Commander
Ustanovitena both PCs Total Commander.This is generally a very useful program, it is useful not only for file archiving.Total Commander is classified as shareware matobespecheniya, so when you install may issue a plate with a proposal to press a certain key.Do this and plate more than you will not be disturbed.If you have a registered copy of the program, no foreign labels appears on the screen.
Determine whether you have the disk space to smash and collect files .Total Commander can do it.Find the top menu you specify the desired disc, stand back drop and right-click.You will see a drop-down
menu in which you need to find the line "Properties".You will see several tabs.Select the general properties.There you will find information about the capacity of the local drive and how much space is occupied and how much is still left.Do the same with your computer, where you will take the archive.
compare the size of the free sectors with a total volume of portable files.If they are smaller, and bring order to a local drive, or your computer can do it himself.Then you run the risk of many were missing.Transfer the excess to another local disk or delete.You can carry out a thorough cleaning.
Locate the directory where the file is stored.Select it.In the top menu find the tab "Files", stand on it and click.You will see a drop-down menu.Select line "Split File".You will see a window in which it is necessary to fill in a few fields.Choose where you save file fragments, as well as their desired size.Click "OK".
are finished you will see a window informing you of the completion of the process.Click "OK" and exit the directory that you specify before breaking down.We you will find a number of files with the same name but different numbers.One of them has an extension crc.When transferring files, and do not forget to move it.
Transfer of the file to another computer.It is better to create a separate folder for them.Select a movie with the designation "001".Go to the "File" menu.The drop-down box, select "Build file" and click "OK".