you need
  • internet access, Driver Pack Solution.
To begin, try to pick up the required driver, benefiting from the standard operating system Windows.Open the "Control Panel" and go to "Device Manager".
Before you will see a list of installed equipment.Find your audio adapter and click the right mouse button.Select "Update driver software."In the new window, select the first option - to automatically search for updated drivers.This starts the automatic search for a suitable for your sound card driver .
Do not despair if you can not install the drivers automatically.The popular sound card manufacturers are not so much.Find out the model of your adapter.Visit the official manufacturer of the device.
Download software and drivers are suitable for your
model sound card.Install the software.If the driver is not installed along with it, then repeat the procedure described in the second step, but independently navigate to the downloaded files.
If you can not find the program you want, use the driver manager.As an example, download and install the Driver Pack Solution.
Start and wait for the scanning of your equipment and determine the most appropriate driver.You will be prompted to install drivers for several devices, as well as download and install several related programs.
7 Select drivers related to your sound card, and then click "Refresh".In that case, if you decide to completely renovate all the sets of drivers, click "Set All".
Wait for the installation process.Restart the computer.Make sure you have the sound.