you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - browser;
  • - the ability to install applications on your computer.
Download the latest version of DOSBox from the developer.Open in the browser address Click on the link in the top menu.On the page displayed, select the preferred version of the distribution, and then click on the appropriate link.A few seconds later the installer will download the file.Save it to your hard drive.
How to use dosbox
DOSBox Install the application on a local computer.Run the installer module.Follow the installation wizard.
How to use dosbox
Examine the documentation for the basic functions and capabilities of DOSBox.Open the file README, located in the directory with the program in any text editor or viewer.Check out the contents of the file.
How to use dosbox
Prepare a directory with DOS-programs that will run in emulation mode running DOSBox.Create a separate directory on the drive on the local computer.Copy the executable modules DOS-programs and all that is necessary for their work (configuration files, libraries, etc.).
How to use dosbox
Run DOSBox.Use the shortcut installed on the desktop or "Start" menu, or else run the executable application module, located in the install directory.
How to use dosbox
Mount directory with DOS-programs created in the fourth step, as the storage device in DOSBox.At the console, type species:

mount & lt; drive_name & gt;& lt; FolderPath & gt;& lt; dopolnitelnye_parametry & gt;

and press Enter.

as a parameter & lt; drive_name & gt;should be given the symbolic identifier of the virtual storage device that will be created in the operating environment, DOSBox.The parameter & lt; FolderPath & gt;It must be a valid path to the directory you created in the fourth step.Additional parameters can be omitted.However, if they are specified, they must have the correct mount options listed in the help section of the mount command Internal Programs documentation.
How to use dosbox
Go to the root directory of the mounted device.At the command prompt, the symbolic identifier of the disk followed by a colon.Press Enter.
How to use dosbox
Navigate to the required sub-directory of the current drive.Enter the console dir.Press Enter.This will display the contents of the current directory.If necessary, type species:

cd & lt; imya_podkataloga & gt;
and press Enter.

as a parameter & lt; imya_podkataloga & gt;enter the name of the directory in which to go.In doing so, change to the correct directory.
How to use dosbox
Start the DOS.At the command prompt in the current directory, enter the name of the executable program.Press Enter.
How to use dosbox