you need
  • program SiSoftware Sandra Lite
reason diagnostic computer is recurrent malfunctions, for example, frequent restart the computer .This can cause loss of data from your hard drive, and it is often a problem №1 users personal computer .Also, the reason can serve as a filling system unit specialist shop where you purchased the computer.Opened system unit means the loss of guarantee, and special programs allow you to analyze the contents of the system unit and to reflect it in the form of a detailed report.
excellent solution for comple
x diagnostics computer program is SiSoftware Sandra Lite.It consists of a set of benchmark test and the so-called performance tests.The program allows you to test, to identify the obvious violations in the system, and also provides tips to remedy problems found.This utility is free for non-commercial use that is suitable for almost any user home computer .The peculiarity of such programs - a large database on the characteristics of the components of the system unit.
After starting the program, go to the tab "Devices", you will see a list of all the devices on your computer : the main component (motherboard) to component less important for accurate operation of the system (ports and devicescommunication).To run the test of a separate device, double-click on the device icon.In the window that will begin the process of diagnosis.If at the time of diagnosis will be seen in the deviation, the program will issue a warning at the end of the final table, pointing to correct this problem.After testing the entire system, you can easily update the "iron" or at least know of a device can wait for the first breakage.