Tip 1: How to write SMS from computer to mobile

SMS , from the English Short Message Service - literally Short Message Service.Most so-called actual messages from phone to phone (maximum 160 characters).They can not describe in detail the idea, but you can briefly describe the situation or forward anecdote.The cost of sending SMS varies from phone about two rubles, but through a series of online services, you can send SMS free.
If you know which network belongs to the phone number, use the page sent to the site of the operator.Links to these pages are the largest mobile operators under Article.Enter the user code, the message text.Write off code from the image test.Set the input setting (transformation in Latin) and delivery (time, date).Click "Submit".
The mail-agent, open the "Add a contact to call and SMS ยป.Enter all the necessary data, save the contact.Click a new contact twice, type in your message and press "Send".
to send SMS through ICQ open the contact list.In the dialog box in the tab "SMS", specif
y the name and telephone number.Write your message and press "Send".

Tip 2: How to write an SMS in Moscow

Sending SMS messages in Moscow carried out in the same manner as the exchange of messages with subscribers of other cities.Consider sending a message to the time difference and do not forget to sign your name at the end, if you are sending a message to the subscriber for the first time.
How to write an SMS in Moscow
you need
  • - phone.
Enter your SMS messages Editor phone.In the "Recipient", type the number in international format.In total, there should be 11 numeric characters, before the country code always quote the + sign.Since Moscow is located in Russia, enter 7.This is followed by the code of the operator, the service recipient - it is a three-digit.After he introduced the remaining digits of the mobile phone.
Then click send and wait for delivery notification message if configured to receive it in your phone.It is best to turn the alert mode, as in the case of unsuccessful delivery system may simply not inform you about it.
If you want to send SMS in Moscow , is outside the territory of the Russian Federation, the action is similar.If you send messages in Russian you can replace 7 8, here it is best not to do so.The + sign in each phone is located on the 0 key, just press it and hold a certain period of time.If your phone model, this is not provided, carefully read the instructions on how to enter numbers.
If you send SMS messages to Moscow of roaming also act similarly.Remember that in this case (in roaming), some mobile operators often have problems with delay or non-delivery of SMS messages to cities in Russia, so it is best to set the maximum period of attempts to deliver your message in the appropriate settings menu of your mobile device.
When sending SMS-messages to short numbers in Moscow do not forget to pre-check on the Internet, what services refuse to this number and if they are at all.The same goes for the rest of the short numbers.
Helpful Hint
Pay attention to the number of digits.For the cities of Russia must always be 11.
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