you need
  • - WinToFlash;
  • - UNetBootIn.
Download Windows ISO image from the Internet, and download the program WinToFlash.
Unpack the image at your location.Run the downloaded program.In the window that appears, select "Transfer Wizard Windows Setup on flash».Click "Next".
Specify the directory where you unzipped the files from the ISO- image .Select the USB flash drive , on which you want to move the installer Windows.The amount of carrier used should be larger than the size of the image .For example, Windows 7 installation will require Flash-USB at least 4 GB.
In the next window, ac
cept the terms of the license agreement and wait for the end of the recording process.Bootable USB-drive with the Windows operating system is ready.
To create a bootable image with the Linux operating system, use the UNetbootin.Download the installer package for your operating system (there are versions for Linux and Windows) and perform the installation.
Run.In the pop-up window, select "Image" and specify the ISO.Enter the path to the downloaded image , and in the lower part of the window, select the type of media being used, and its name in the system.
Click "OK" and wait for the end of the disc.
To boot from the USB drive you need to make appropriate adjustments.When the computer starts, press the desired keyboard button to start editing the BIOS.Key name is written when the computer starts at the bottom of the screen.The menu First Boot Device select USB-Flash.Save the settings, insert the USB flash drive and restart the computer.