If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, to access the settings change the resolution, first right-click on the free space of the windows and desktop icons.In the context menu, which in this case appears, select "Screen Resolution."In the display settings, open the drop-down list on the button next to "Resolution" and by moving the slider left mouse button, set the desired value.Please note that one of the values ‚Äč‚Äčobserved are marked "recommended" - is considered the optimal screen resolution for your monitor.
If your computer is running Windows XP, the sequence of actions to be slightly different.Here, too, you need to click the desktop right-click context menu, but there is no point "Screen Re
solution."Select "Properties" to open the screen and change the settings, go to "Settings".
Select the value you want the screen resolution by moving the slider placed in the lower left corner of this tab.Then click "Apply" button and change the operating permit for a short period of time - 15 seconds.During this time, you need to assess whether the selected corresponds to the desired option, and click "Yes."If the new scale does not suit you, you do not need to click anything - wait for the timer and return to the previous screen resolution.This way you can visually choose the most optimal value of screen resolution.
sometimes possible to change the resolution is limited to a few options, none of which can not provide the desired size.Typically, this means that the operating system uses a video card driver with minimal opportunities for fear of damaging it.Either the card is not recognized by the system, or the system has no appropriate driver.You have to manually set the appropriate software.