you need
  • program in a series Acronis
to install two operating systems on one computer, you first need to remove the hard drive the primary operating system and all the dataon it it is.To do this, use the program Acronis Disc Director or Acronis True Image, as well as other programs to work with HHD, running under DOS.All formatting the hard drive must be running DOS.
reformat the hard drive in the same program needs to break the hard disk into several parts, sectors, for example, 2 or 3, for different versions of Windows and on request in the music files, videos, photos, documents, etc.
For Windows XP requires at least 20 GB of free space on the sector for Windows 7 - 50 GB.Consider also the amount of programs that you install
in the future for these sectors.
Now select which system you make the main and loaded by default.It must be installed by putting the first in the BIOS boot area of ​​your CD / DVD-ROM.Insert the disc with the operating system, for example, Windows XP, and install it as usual, but the primary-disk (C :).
Once fully installed and activated Windows XP, go to the Windows 7 operating system if this has been selected you more.Also install it with a special disk, including the boot sector of the first in the BIOS - CD / DVD ROM, but this time in the secondary-drive (D :).
After installing a second operating system, restart your computer, and when you turn you will see a black screen on which you will be prompted to choose which OS to run - XP or 7. If, within 30 seconds after you start the computer operating system is selected by pressing the up and downon the keyboard, the default boot system that has been installed on the primary-disk.