Tip 1: How to remove the service in Windows XP

At the start of Windows software applications are responsible for those or other processes in the system.These applications are called services or services (service).In addition, many user programs were added during the installation of the service in the registry.After removing such a program may be necessary to manually remove the associated service.
First of all you need to know the exact name of the service in the system.Go to the Control Panel, expand "Administrative Tools" and double-click on the icon "services".The system displays a list of all installed services and their status.
access the list of services can be otherwise.Right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select the "Management".In the snap-in "Computer Management" by double-clicking, expand "Services and Applications" and click on the right side snap "Services".
Find the service you want to delete and click on its name, right-click.In the context menu select the command "Properties".In the Properties
window in the "General" tab note the item "Service Name".In Windows XP, it is not always possible to copy the string to the clipboard, so write down the name of the service manually.
Press Win + R and type in the search box the command cmd, the command window to bring up Windows.In the command window write sc delete name_service, where name_service - the name of the service.If the service name has spaces, it must be quoted: "sc delete name service".Update the list of services by pressing F5, to make sure that the service is removed.
list of services stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, so the services can be removed by using Registry Editor.In the search write regedit.In the editor, press Ctrl + F and enter the service name in the search box.After a successful search, delete the entire folder containing the name of the service.To do this, right-click the partition and select the command "Delete".

Tip 2: How to remove Windows

service architecture of modern operating systems presupposes the existence of a special class of software that performs service functions.Typically, this software does not have a graphical user interface and operates transparently to the user.On windows such programs are called services .Most services are installed with different software distributions.If you remove the software services are not always removed.In this case, it is worth thinking about how to remove the service windows manually.
How to remove Windows service
you need
  • - administrator rights in Windows.
Open the Control Panel.This can be done by clicking the button 'Start' on the taskbar and select point to "Settings" and "Control Panel" from the menu.
Go to the folder "Administration".In the Control Panel shortcut to get the "Administration" and double-click the left mouse button or open the context menu single right click and select "Open".To search was more convenient, you can switch the display mode of the list in the "Table" by selecting the corresponding item under "View" main menu, and then sort the list by the column "Name".
Open Computer Management.In the folder "Administration" get labeled "Computer Management."Double-click the shortcut or the left mouse button, select "Open" menu.
Activate the control services running on your computer.Expand, if necessary, the branch "Computer Management (Local)" and "Services and Applications" tree hierarchy of available partitions on the left.Highlight the "Services".
find the service that you want to remove.In the displayed list of services, make the right searching for the item corresponding to the desired service.Focus on the fields "Name" and "Description" of each element.For convenience, the search list can be sorted by clicking on one of the sections of his title.Scroll to a found item.
stop the service and disable it from starting automatically.Choose from the menu "Action" and "Properties".Service Management dialog box appears.Switch to the "General" tab.Press "Stop".Wait until the service stops.Then, in the drop-down list of "startup type" select "Disabled."Click "Apply".Note or copy the value of the field "Executable".Click OK.
Remove executable service.Go to the directory with the file path that has been obtained from the field of "Executable" in the previous step.Use File Manager or Explorer Windows.Delete the file.
Start Registry Editor.Click on the "Start" button in the taskbar.In the menu that appears, click on the item "Run".In the dialog "Run" in the "Open" line, type regedit, and then click OK.
Remove the service information from the registry.Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services.Locate and then click the subkey that corresponds remove services.Focus on the name of the section, or make a search on the symbolic name of the service by pressing the key combination Ctrl + F.Highlight found partition and delete it by pressing the Del, or by selecting from the menu "Edit" and "Delete".
Remove the service only if the firm belief that you do not need.Otherwise, the consequences can be very heavy, up to the need to reinstall the system.Sometimes it is enough to disable the service by selecting the context menu item 'Stop'.


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