you need
  • work with the applet "Event Viewer".
about the existence Journal and events in the Windows operating system know not all users.It can be said that it is necessary to study in depth the system to get to this component.Although it is quite easy to find if you're running Windows 7 or Windows Vista.Open the "Start" menu, activate the search box and type "Viewing events ».In the search results, select the first line and click on it.
You will see the applet "Viewing events ».Also, this component is called the snap-in "View events ».Before you remove the « Journal events », you must first open or create (in some cases optional work Journal and disabled).To open Journal top menu and click "Action" from the drop list and select "Open Saved Journal ».
In the window "Open Saved Journal » locate the file " Journal and events ».To quickly find the desired file using the side panel of the conductor.It is worth noting, by default, the system offers several extensions to open the files, each of which corresponds to Journal have.In the dialog box you will see the following file formats - evtx, evt and etl.Expanding evtx - files events , extension evt - obsolete files events expansion etl - log files and trace .
select the file, click "Open" button in the lower right corner of the dialog box.To clear recently opened Journal events , you must go to your Journal have.Click the triangle next to the folder "Saved Journal s" in the left pane, then "Folder stored Journal s."Inside that folder will be all Journal s that were created by the system.
Select Journal events , which is located opposite the floppy disk icon.Right-click on the selected item.From the context menu, select "Delete."In the window, as a confirmation of the deletion, click "Yes."