you need
  • - Fixed DotA;
  • - DotA Anti-Hack Launcher.
Visit the official saayt iccup and go through the registration procedure.Click on the link Register in the top right of the window.In the Login field, specify the desired user name in the Password - your password.In the Retype Password repeat administration of the combination.Enter E-mail, enter the code from the image.When you have finished entering data, click on the button Register.
on the selected game server iccup download the file DotA Anti-Hack Launcher, make its installation.Run the program with the help icon appears on the desktop.In the left pane, select the list of games WarCraft and click Run Warcraft III.
After starting the gam
e in the top of the window click on for the connection to the server and podgruzki game files.You will see the Input menu in which you must specify the username and password you used during the registration process.
To select places for communion click on the button "Channel" top left of the window.From the list, select the name of the desired channel, and then click "Join".
to soedininitsya with the game, click on the icon in the form of a scroll, inscribed under the window that appears, you will be shown a list of games that are available at the moment.Click on the most appropriate of them and wait for the content server.To play you need 5x5 10 players for the game 3x3 - 6. Download will start immediately after filling the server.
The game ends after the victory of one of the teams.To win it is necessary to defend the throne or to engage in the destruction of the strategic points of the enemy, killing his heroes.If you want to complete the game early, each member of the team must enter a query -ff in the message window, then the party will be deemed a loser.