you need
  • - computer;
  • - keyboard;
  • - computer mouse.
While typing text documents very easy to switch to another language, using the keyboard keys Ctrl, Alt and Shift, the more so that their combination the user can customize yourself by choosing the most convenient option.
to specify which keys you want to use, go to the "Start" menu, located in the lower left corner of the desktop.Click on the icon in the extreme (when you hover the cursor appears on top of the "Start"), and open "Control Panel."
Then in the new window scroll to "Regional and Language Options" and click on the link to make the necessary adjustments.This item contains several sub-items, including the "Format", "Location", "Keyboards and Languages" and "Advanced".
choose "Format" drop-down box, select the in the preferred language of work.To change the text input language or the keyboard, click on the button "Keyboards and Languages" and then - "Change keyboards".
open a new window "languages ​​and text services" will adjust the default input language.Additionally, you can specify the properties of the language bar, determine the place of its location on the desktop, toolbar, or even hide it.
next section - "Switching keyboards" - you will need to select a button, with which you can run the function to change the language.To do this, see "The combination of keys for input languages", click "Change shortcut."
In the new window, specify what exactly the keys on your keyboard will be language change: the left Alt + Shift or Ctrl + Shift.Select the desired item.And then to save the changes, click "OK".
Change language as you can, by clicking the left mouse button on the Language bar and selecting the required languages.
The same panel is useful and to change other parameters.But in this case you will have to use the right mouse button.