you need
  • computer, a boot disk with the operating system Windows, the script TaskBar Fixer, utility AVZ
Insert a bootable operating system disc into the optical drive of your computer.Click "Start".Next, select the "All Programs", then - "Standard".The standard programs by clicking on the line "Command Prompt", and in it enter sfc / scannow and press Enter.Starts scanning the absence of files.The processing time can be up to ten minutes.Upon its completion the system will start the installation of the damaged or missing files.
If you have gone the taskbar or not working "Start", downloaded from the Internet script TaskBar Fixer.To install the script, double-click the left mouse button.In the window that appears, click "Yes."The computer restarts, after which normal operation of the taskbar and the desktop will be restored.
to the following process of recovery you need a utility AVZ.Download it from the Internet and install it on your computer.Run the program.In the main menu, select "File", then go to the "System Restore."A window appears with a list of options for system recovery.From the list, select the item that you want to restore.For example, the virus was blocked by the Task Manager.Accordingly, in this window you need to select the "Enable Task Manager."
One of the main problems after being hit by a computer virus is the inability to run any program.Viruses immediately destroy exe files.To remedy the situation, select an option in the restore, select "Restore the startup parameters exe┬╗.In the options for restoring your operating system includes points on almost any cases.