you need
  • - thin screwdriver;
  • - jumper.
Password BIOS - the traditional way to protect your PC from unauthorized tampering.BIOS can be reprogrammed without any additional technical tools in two ways.They are both readily available and do not require much effort.
first method.The BIOS settings are in memory CMOS.To reset the memory CMOS, turn off your PC and install the jumper, which closes contacts jumper.
Then turn on your PC - it will not boot, but in the CMOS settings will be cleared.
Remove the jumper and turn on the PC again.The monitor window will appear asking you to click F1 - it is necessary to make a new parameter setting BIOS.
In that case, if you like the default settings - press F1, the BIOS menu, click the button «Save and exit» a
nd click on it.Your PC is fully loaded.
And if you want - enter your personal settings and after that select the button «Save and exit».
second way - is good for all motherboards.
your PC is turned off, but its motherboard even in the OFF state is powered by a small battery located on the motherboard.This helps to ensure that your PC remember setting BIOS, including the password to the computer.
Turn off the PC from the wall socket - this is mandatory.The left cover of the system unit, carefully remove the battery and look - it can be clearly seen, you can easily find it.
Use a screwdriver to remove the battery and again a few minutes later put it in place.BIOS password is cleared.
Put the system cover back into place.
If the BIOS can not identify yourself with any vehicle it will load your operating system - mount it is.